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The BTS Strategic Asset Allocation Portfolios seek to enhance diversification, reduce volatility, generate higher returns and reduce bear market losses.1

Investment Categories

Choose from six different categories—ranging from Income to Aggressive Growth—based on your personal risk preferences.

Strategic Asset Allocation


The BTS approach to Strategic Asset Allocation begins with the concepts of modern portfolio theory, but then uses reallocation and rebalancing to take a more dynamic approach to portfolio diversification and risk management. In an effort to reduce the risk of traditional portfolios, our proprietary three part approach utilizes both tactical and economic analysis as well as traditional academic historical analysis.

Program Options

BTS offers a number of SAA Portfolio options. Please consult with your advisor to select the option that meets your needs.

1BTS stresses that using SAA in combination with one of our fixed income approaches—The BTS High Yield or Bond Asset Allocation Portfolios—provides a more complete risk-managed strategy anchored by BTS' core objective of producing enhanced returns and achieving capital preservation. The SAA Portfolio can also serve as an effective alternative for investors who seek higher returns with an actively managed portfolio approach to augment their existing investments.